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Ham Radio Station Since 1979

Interested in hardware and software for Radiocommunications, computers, networks. Pioneer in digital communications in Argentina (rtty in 1980, SSTV analog in 1985, SSTV digital, with home computer, in 1986).

Homemade Projects Interested

Every kind of electronic projects are welcome!, linears amplifiers, tube or solid state, microprocessors, antenna, radio... no one are rejected! The only tip: time. If you are impatient, this is not your page!

Owner of The Unique DXCluster In Argentina

The unique DXCluster in Argentina, working 24/7 free for the ham radio stations around the world ACCESS LU9DA-6 HERE !!

The REAL Creator Of DXCluster spots based Propagation Graphics!

There are MANY copies of the DXCluster spots based Propagation Graphics. The original idea is MINE! SEE HERE THE FIRST DESCRIPTION !! (October 2007).

LU9DA's details

Ricardo "Rick" Suarez


LQ5D are lost by "troubles" in application - Radio Club authority says... -

Born 1964, first licenced 02/1979 as LU3ETS, Italian Ham from 1987 at today (now IZ8FGC)

Electronic technician specialized in communications, Mar del Plata, ENET 1, 1982

Computer expert, Olivetti Italia, 1986 - 1996

Fiat Engenieering's Fiat Cordoba plant, electrical installation coordinator, IMISur contratist, 1997

HPC - Bio Medical Technician, now PACS Admin, Mar del Plata, 1999 - today

Feel Free to Contact Rick !!!!

If you want contact Rick for any question, send mail from CONTACT on this page.